May 19, 2020

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are you using Twitter to grow your business?

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Cutter Slagle
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[INFOGRAPHIC] Are you using Twitter to grow your business?

Do you currently use social media to market your business? You may have a hard time believing that Facebook, Twitter or Instagram could help your company become more successful, but these tools can assist you in gaining a following.

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As a business owner, it’s important to know that Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks—ever. Therefore, even if you hate Twitter, you may want to consider getting onboard; your competition is most likely already using the tool.

After all, over one million people sign up for Twitter every single day. Furthermore, there are currently over 550 million people currently registered with Twitter

Originally reported by our sister brand Business Review Canada, when it comes to marketing, you need to have fun. If you’re not enjoying what you’re posting, why would someone else? It’s easy to have fun with Twitter—just use your imagination.

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However, though it’s perfectly alright to have fun with Twitter postings (tweets), remember that you’re running a business and have a goal: to gain a following and spread the word about your product. And when used properly, Twitter can help you build relationships, increase visibility, augment marketing efforts and connect with customers.

The following infographic shows the specific benefits of Twitter. So, set your goals, become active and measure your success. The benefits of this social media tool are endless!

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