May 19, 2020

Infographic: B2B Social Media Is Not Dead

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Infographic: B2B Social Media Is Not Dead

The August edition of the Business Review USA is now live!

If there is nothing we love more…it’s a good infographic.

Business-to-business social media marketing is not dead, contrary to popular belief. The community is thriving. Social media is an excellent tool that can be used to gain more awareness for your brand, customer acquisitions, lead gen, and customer service/loyalty/retention (and all that jazz).

LinkedIn is the reigning leader with 83 percent of B2Bers using it, according to this infographic from the Clearpoint Agency. Twitter and Facebook follow with 61 percent, YouTube is at 39 percent, while Pinterest trails with only 26 percent.

While social media remains a strong marketing outlet for the business-to-business community, they still face challenges. 52 percent say they have problems producing engaging content, while 45 percent say they have issues with producing a variety of content. 39 percent say budget is an issue. 

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Infographic: B2B Social Media Is Not Dead

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