May 19, 2020

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to do social media the right way

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to do social media the right way

As a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of social media. Whether you decide to use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, You Tube or a combination of all outlets, it’s important to use these tools correctly. After all, how do you expect to keep your current clients and gain new ones if you’re not properly accessing the instruments at your disposal?

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Originally provided by, the infographic below offers 36 helpful rules to ensure that you’re properly using social media. For example, one of the first suggestions offered by this display is: “Don’t try to be clever; be clever.”

If you’re trying to grow your client base, as well as entertain the ones you already have, then the content you post on your various sites needs to be both informative and engaging—no one wants to be bored when they visit your page.

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Another important rule that is showcased by this infographic: “Update your page or delete it.” Pretty simple, right?

This tip kind of falls into place with the one mentioned above, meaning fans of your page (your followers) don’t want to be bored. Besides, these pages are the perfect opportunity for you to show clients why they should choose your company over a competitor’s.

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If someone has “liked” your page or follows you on Twitter, then they want to know the latest and greatest of your company—what’s new, what’s happening and what deals or services you’re currently offering.

In short: if you’re going to use social media to potentially aid your business, then make sure you use it correctly or not at all.

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