Integrate Your Communication Methods for Better Customer Success

By John McMalcolm

Google predicted that the number of smartphone users will reach two billion globally and there will be more mobile searches than desktop-based searches in 2015.

As people around the world become more reliant on mobile devices, mobile marketing will be an increasingly relevant marketing tool. There are a number of ways that you can use mobile technology to promote your business, and three of the most popular methods are social media, text messaging and email. Instead of developing a separate campaign for each of these channels, it is recommended that you combine them to create a holistic mobile marketing campaign. 

Here is a look at how integrating social media, text messaging and email can be beneficial to your company….

Engage and Convert Customers More Easily

While some consumers are more comfortable connecting with businesses on social media, others may prefer to use text messaging or email.

A cross-channel marketing campaign that uses social media, text messaging and email gives your target consumers the freedom to choose a mobile marketing medium that suits their preferences. Interacting with your customers through a medium that they are comfortable with can make a big difference in your ability to engage and convert them.

Additionally, you will be able to reach out to a wider pool of potential customers, since you can make your business visible to users of all three mediums.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Image and Marketing Message

If you manage your social media, text and email marketing activities separately, there is a higher chance that you will present an inconsistent brand image or marketing message across the three channels.

This can cause consumers who interact with you on two or more channels to feel confused about your brand identity and marketing objectives. By implementing a cross-channel marketing campaign, it is easier for you to use the same logos, content, images and videos on the three mediums. Having a consistent brand image and marketing message will give your customers the impression that you are a professional, credible and reliable company.

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Build Closer Relationships with Your Customers

According to an article entitled "Integrating Social Media, Text and Email," you have to encourage your customers to connect with you on as many mediums as possible in order to develop a successful cross-channel marketing campaign. For instance, you can ask customers who interact with you via email only to visit your social media pages and offer a freebie to your social media followers if they opt in to your text list. By doing so, you are actually encouraging your customers to spend more time interacting with your company, which can strengthen your relationships with them.

Social media, text messaging and email are all effective marketing channels on their own. In order to integrate them successfully, you need to understand their pros and cons, and how they can complement each other to achieve the best possible results. Combining these three mobile marketing mediums can help you gain an edge over your competitors.

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing.

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