Introducing Businessfriend, the world's first BUSI platform

By Bizclik Editor

Written by Rob Rosales


Every now and again a little invention comes along that shatters the status quo and forever steers our lives in a positive direction. These ‘little’ inventions have come in many forms over the years; vaccines, automobiles, the telephone, the personal computer, and most recently of course, social media.

Let’s face it; social media has completely changed the way we communicate. At the click of a button we can find and share common interests with friends or strangers. However, there has yet to be a platform that applies that sort of influence to the business world.

Though it may be frightening to some, a more connected world can definitely be a good thing. But who you connect with and how is also a critical piece of the puzzle. Sometimes you may not want to interact with your personal connections in the same way you connect with your professional ones. What distant relatives, your ex-loves, mutual friends from a wedding, and high school buddies have to share on social media may not be the most relevant content for your professional life. In fact, this may stifle your productivity.

Introducing Businessfriend

We can agree that social media has spawned a world of entertaining and even significant interactions, but in business we seek a higher standard, a world of remarkable exchanges. These should boost your productivity, ignite your professional passions, strengthen your professional community, and build a respectable online presence.

Enter Businessfriend, a ‘little’ invention that’s about to make a major impact. Businessfriend is the world’s first BUSI (pronounced like the word ‘busy’) platform- a Business Utility with a Social Identity- a concept created by Business Friend founder and entrepreneur Glen White. White envisioned this concept in 2008 with the mission of revolutionizing the way corporations and professionally-minded individuals communicate and interact. Fundamental in the BUSI definition is ‘Utility’.  Business Friend combines the familiarity of social media with innovative tools that allow businessmen and women to connect and conduct business in their own distinct way on an international scale.

Thanks to co-creator, Freddie Pierce, the functionality of the site gives users the ability to communicate and conduct business with colleagues in a simple, sleek, and easy-to-use dashboard. Businessfriend’s innovator sliding pages introduce a discrete element that feels like software and is a perfect complement to the site’s social aspect. With this you can integrate your social business community with Business Friend’s productivity tools to obtain a remarkable workflow and experience. There is truly no other site like it.

Here are just a few of the tools at your disposal:

BF Inbox:

The inbox allows you to send emails and messages to your Businessfriends and include attachments as well. You can even import messages from a separate email account into BF Inbox!


Since you are staying informed with those that matter most to you professionally, you can use your colleagues’/partners’ status updates to plan your schedule.

Doc Manager:

Take your social business interactions further by allowing users to conveniently share documents with other Businessfriends on the spot. Whether you are sending a power point presentation, a recipe, or school report, Businessfriend’s Doc Manager speeds up your work flow, and promotes discovery.

Digi Dex:

All your connections are available from this slider. Find your contact of choice and message, call, chat, or video chat them on the spot.

Whatever your business needs are, whatever your professional passion or vision may be, there’s a place to expand your horizons, and always stay BUSI with Business Friend.


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