May 19, 2020

Kroger set to collaborate with Alibaba to sell its products

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Kroger set to collaborate with Alibaba to sell its products

The US-based retail company, Kroger, is set to start selling its products on Chinese giants Alibaba’s e-commerce site, CNBC reports.

The firm will open an online storefront through Alibaba for international brands which will allow Kroger greater exposure to reach a wider range of customers.

It is expected that the company will operate under the alias of Simple Truth and will prioritise dietary supplements and private label products.

In a statement, Yael Cosset, Kroger's chief digital officer, said: “E-commerce enables Kroger to quickly scale to reach new customers and markets where we don't operate physical stores, starting with China.”

Over the last few months, Kroger has begun to grow its business as it mounts a challenge to compete with global brands Walmart and Amazon.

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Alibaba are said to be “pleased to work with Kroger to bring their Kroger Simple Truth products to the Chinese market through our Tmall Global platform to meet Chinese consumers' growing demand for high-quality, organic food products,” after a spokesperson spoke to CNBC.

In May, the brand purchased shares in UK-based online retailer, Ocado, decided to buy Home Chef, as well as unveiling delivery service Kroger Ship.

Kroger hopes that its collaboration with Alibaba is an opening into China’s vast consumer market.

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