May 19, 2020

Maersk Line expands Canadian presence

Maersk Line
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Maersk Line expands Canadian presence

The world’s largest shipping company Maersk Line has announced that it has expanded its Canadian transatlantic service from Montreal and Halifax to Europe as trade continues to boom.

The weekly service will be a five-vessel rotation stopping at two locations in Italy and Spain and one in France, with other Mediterranean markets set to be connected due to the company’s transshipment services in both Algeciras and Valencia.

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“With one agreement in effect to fuel Canadian imports and exports in the Atlantic and another one in the works for the Pacific, this represents only favourable wind behind the expansion of our services in Canada and enable our customers to reach new markets in Europe and Asia,” said Jack Mahoney, President of Maersk Line Canada.

Montreal was selected due to its access to both the Ontario and Quebec markets via rail and road routes, whilst Halifax was also chosen due being renowned as one of the country’s key maritime markets.

2017 saw Canadian exports and imports growing 6.9%, highlighting significant prosperity within the Canadian market. Further, for 2018 Maersk itself has forecast a 7% growth in maritime container volume.

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