Make your marketing efforts compelling

By Adam Groff

An attention-grabbing call to action is the key to any great marketing campaign.

However, writing a great call to action is sometimes trickier than you or your marketing department might think.

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Fortunately, there are a number of ways your business can make its calls to action more compelling.

Calls to action in Canada

With the growth of marketing techniques in the past decades, it's no surprise that calls to action have changed with the times.

Instead of simply saying "call now" or "contact us", Canadian companies of all kinds are implementing calls to action in some pretty unique ways.

Among the examples:

Island Natural Market - To increase patronage during the holidays, Island Natural Market in Nanaimo, British Columbia puts its Thanksgiving call to action in the spotlight. During the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, the market puts calls to action all over its website encouraging people to pre-order their turkeys and all of the fixings.

Heart and Stroke Foundation - Through its Make Health Last campaign, the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation uses a call to action that encourages visitors to participate in personalized health assessments.

Wine Station - Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Wine Station increased its redemption rates with a straightforward yet effective call to action: Save $10 Now (on any one of their top ten wines each month). This call to action is especially compelling because it's paired with a promotion.

As the following article looks at, if your business is wondering how to write more compelling calls to action, there are a number of ways to go about it.

They include:

Simpler the better

When writing a great call to action, remember that simpler is always better. Although you want to pack as much info as possible into your call to action, website visitors respond more to calls to action that only require one or maybe two tasks.

For example, a call to action that encourages customers to "Subscribe Now" is a lot more effective than "Click Here to Find out More Details and Start the Subscription Process". Sure, your calls to action will likely lead to more detail and a subscription sign-up page, but you do not need to say all of that in the call to action itself.

Include numbers

If your call to action includes numbers, write the actual numerical value as opposed to spelling out the number. This is especially the case if you're including a monetary discount in the call to action, as with the Wine Station example above.

Seeing $10 is a lot more compelling than seeing "ten dollars" written in a call to action. On that note, don't spell out symbols either. "Twenty percent off" isn't nearly as eye-catching as "20% Off ". Using actual numbers and symbols will help your calls to action stand on their own two feet.

Don't forget about the action

A call to action without actionable phrases or a verb will leave your customers wondering what to do.

Although it's pretty obvious, make sure you include a feasible action in your call to action. Visit your favorite websites and you'll quickly realize every call to action is based on an actionable request.

If attracting new customers is your business's marketing goal, keep the call to action tips above in mind.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and promotional techniques

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