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By: Joyce Morse

Part of your marketing strategy should include convincing your competitor's clients that you are better and giving them the reasons why. This can be a difficult goal to accomplish but it can be achieved if you have the right marketing strategy.

Here is how you can be successful at winning away those valuable clients and introducing them to your brand.

Let consumers know why you are better than your competition

When marketing against the competition, it's not enough to be good; you have to be better than the competition.

You need to know what you offer and why clients should choose you. Businesses need to be objective when they look at their products and services to understand what clients see and why they choose the brand they do.

While a company may be able to create a long list of features about its product or service, there are likely one or two features that clients love. Those are what you market to your competitor's clients.

Know your competition

"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer." 

It's a well-known saying that is an accurate reflection of a successful marketing strategy. You can't really understand how to market to your competition's clients until you know what they are offering. Then, you have to do it better.

Keep a close eye on how your competition is marketing.

Are they providing giveaways or special promotions? Do they offer coupons or exclusive deals? Where do they hang out to find new clients?

Visit the places where their clients are spending their online time.

For instance, if you are a doctor, check out physician reviews and see what patients are saying about their doctors. This lets you know what they think is important and how the competitor is faring.

Keep your current clients happy

Don't think you are the only one with an eye on the competition; your competitor is probably doing the same thing to you.

So while you are focusing on how to entice his clients over to your services, he or she is working on your current clients. Part of your marketing strategy has to be to keep your clients happy. Make sure they are getting the service they need so they don't slip through the cracks.

Another bonus on keeping current clients satisfied is that they can help you with your marketing strategy by letting others know what you do. They may even be friends with some of your competitor's clients and who can better steer them over to you than their friends?

When you think about stealing your competition's clients by marketing your brand to them, make sure you know what your strengths are and what you do better than your competitor.

Don't forget about the clients you already have and you can successfully influence others to give your brand a try.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including marketing and physician reviews.


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