May 19, 2020

McDonald's CEO defends Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald
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McDonald's CEO defends Ronald McDonald


McDonald’s has been under the microscope lately – and we’re not talking about the Wisconsin man who just inhaled his 25,000 Big Mac. Don’t even get us started on that news story. The restaurant chain’s CEO Jim Skinner is taking the heat because advocates believe that McDonald’s needs to change the way it advertises to children. Skinner is defending the chain’s right to advertise to kids and says it’s up to the parents to decide what to feed their kids.

A watchdog group placed ads in papers across the nation on Wednesday calling on McDonald’s to stop marketing to kids and specifically retire mascot Ronald McDonald. The ad also presented a petition letter signed by more than 600 health professionals and organizations.

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Skinner said Thursday during the company’s annual meeting: "Ronald McDonald is an ambassador for McDonald's and he is an ambassador for good. He is the face of Ronald McDonald House Charities. He does not advertise unhealthy food to children. McDonald's does not advertise unhealthy food to children."

The CEO puts parents responsible for what their own children put in their mouths and also says that Ronald McDonald is going nowhere. Cheers to you, Mr. CEO. It is up to parents to teach their children what a healthy lifestyle constitutes. Parents also should know how to gear their children in the right direction when it comes to diet and know how to discipline their children when they only request cheeseburgers and McNuggets for lunch and dinner.

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