May 19, 2020

Pinterest’s Lens to power Target’s visual search tool

Visual search tool
Pouyan Broukhim
2 min
Pinterest’s Lens to power Target’s visual search tool

It has been announced that Pinterest will be partnering with Target, offering up its technology known as Lens to the US retailer in order to power its new in-app visual search tool.

Pinterest heavily invested into the technology, raising $150mn in a funding round designed to power its development, turning the smartphone camera into a valuable search engine tool.

This will be the first time that Pinterest has integrated Lens into a retailer’s app, enabling Target shoppers to photograph any object before receiving similar recommendations of items amongst Target’s stock.

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“We’ve partnered with Pinterest for years—it’s a natural fit, thanks to our shared passion for creating inspiration and a sense of discovery,” said Kristi Argyilan, Targets’ Senior Vice President of Media and Guest Engagement.

“Now, Target’s excited to take our partnership to the next level. We’ll be the first—and exclusive—US retailer to bring Pinterest Lens directly into our apps and experiences, creating an incredibly rich and much easier way for our guests to explore, discover and buy millions of products at Target.”

As part of the deal, Target will invest more heavily into advertisement on the Pinterest platform.

“As we start to understand what shoppers are really looking for, it’ll help us better anticipate—and plan for—the latest styles and trends. We look forward to unlocking new potential, together,” said Rick Gomez, Chief Marketing Officer at Target

Pinterest has a total of 200mn global users, a community that Target can hope to utilise in sparking its ecommerce revival, having significantly lagged behind rivals, namely amazing, within this market.

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