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By Bizclik Editor

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We don’t have to tell you that the world of social networking and marketing has become pretty crowded and frankly, can be confusing at times.

So if we were to tell you about a new social networking site that’s just thrown its hat in the ring, you might think that its presence would just complicate things. But what if we were to tell you that it will actually make your life and social marketing efforts easier to manage than ever before?

JustSync is a high-powered super site that was launched in June 2011 with the aim to pull together a variety of high-tech features into a one-stop social networking and entertainment site.  Since its inception, JustSync has developed additional features, including the ability to post live videos and locations using the GPS features on your smartphone.

The addition of geolocation and live posting technology led JustSync to the development of a mobile app called Syncaster, which allows mobile users to completely manage their social network while they’re out and about. The innovative Syncaster technology does what no other app has been able to do for social media before, and is of particular interest to business owners and managers.

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“It’s an opportunity for business owners to develop a deeper and more immediate connection with their community—suppliers, customers and associates,” says JustSync’s Chief Business Development Officer Brian Beck. “We’re dealing with global connectivity.”

The ability to instantly post live video presents endless opportunities for businesses. Instead of shooting a video then waiting an agonizingly long time for it to load to YouTube or Facebook, Syncaster users can immediately post a video to any or all of the friends in their network.

Through the Syncaster instant commenting feature, users can respond to questions or requests right away.

One of Syncaster’s most fascinating strengths is its ability to address an industry’s needs by providing people within the industry with tools to simplify interactions with one another. Recently, JustSync collaborated with Commodities Street Journal—a commodities research and information website—to integrate Syncaster technology within the site. Everyone who regularly accesses the site, from commodities traders, brokers and buyers to farmers, can communicate through comments and video posts. So, a farmer in Iowa could post a video of his crops and weather conditions and share it with traders in New York and speed up the pricing process.

Over time, JustSync plans to bring Syncaster technology to other sectors and collaborate with their entities to address their specific needs. For now, the technology is available (and ideal) for anyone looking to aggregate and take the headache out of social media marketing.

“People want things done now,” says JustSync Media Director Damion Daniel. “The technology within the Syncaster app allows you to get immediate live streams. It’s all instant.”


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