Social media benefiting business owner and consumer

By Adam Groff

Consumer outreach is the key to a successful business, which is why a growing number of businesses across Canada are turning to social media.

That's right, social media is one of the best ways to connect with an ever-growing consumer base.

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Here are a few ways Canadian businesses are reaching customers using social media and how your business can do the same:

Social media and Canadian businesses

Social media helps businesses of all kinds reach a massive online audience.

As a result, more and more Canadian companies are turning to social media for their customer outreach and marketing needs.

In fact, according to the latest Social Media Usage Study, roughly 50% of all businesses in Canada have a social presence.

Facebook takes the social trophy with 59% of Canadians visiting the social site each day. Not far behind are LinkedIn and Twitter, which grab the attention of about 30% of Canada's social users, respectively.

If your business wants to grab a piece of the social pie, it's best to learn from other competitors in the social outreach arena.

Top Canadian companies on social media

Learning by example is an effective approach to building a successful social outreach strategy.

The article "Listen Up Consumers: Social Media Matters More Than You Might Think" mentions the importance of offering consumers something worthwhile on social media.

These Canadian companies are doing just that:

Molson Canadian - This beer company knows how much hockey fans love beer, so it shares photos and coverage of Canada Hockey League matches on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the season.

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Home Hardware - As one of Canada's largest home improvement retailers, Home Hardware does all it can to reach out to consumers. By sharing how-to and DIY home improvement videos on multiple social channels including YouTube, Home Hardware is reaching more consumers than ever before.

Cineplex - Realizing how sharable movie content is, Cineplex, Canada's leading movie theater chain posts everything from trailers to upcoming release dates to celebrity interviews on its various social channels.

Now that you have a better idea of how other businesses are connecting with consumers on social media, here are a few outreach pointers to keep in mind….

Be consistent

Consistency is the best policy when it comes to your social media endeavors, so make sure you keep up with your outreach activities.

When you're consistent with your outreach, your followers will come to depend on your social presence, which leads to more shares and more attention.

Ask for feedback

Social media sites like Facebook are a great resource for gathering feedback directly from your customers.

Not all feedback is always positive, but it is all beneficial.

Whether good or bad, make sure you ask for social feedback and use it to make improvements in your customer satisfaction department.

Blog, blog, blog

Blogging: a social activity so important, it's repeated three times.

Keeping up with your business's social media accounts is important, but blogging is an effective way to continuously channel content to your consumers.

Whether it's information on your business or for entertainment purposes, regularly blogging will benefit both your business and its consumers by keeping them in the loop.

When it comes to customer outreach success, it's plain to see why Canadian businesses are going the social media route.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including social media and business marketing.

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