Social media mistakes all businesses should avoid

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You already know how important social media is, right? It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re currently running or what product you have to offer to the public — all companies, despite the industry, need to have a social media presence.

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Because so much of the public has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, businesses need to take advantage of this opportunity and advertise via the Internet. In doing so, a company’s client base can be expanded, ultimately resulting in more revenue. Or in the very least, a business can gain more exposure.

However, if your business is on social media (and it should be), there are a few mistakes that should always be avoided. Just like with any sort of other task in the world, there is a right way and a wrong way to do social media. And using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the wrong way(s) can harm your company.   

Take a look at the following social media mistakes that all businesses should avoid:

Not putting in the appropriate amount of work

Not only is it important to have a social media presence, but you should strive to have a great social media presence. Therefore, it’s vital to understand that great social media takes a lot of time, effort and work.

For example, you want your posts to be eye-catching so that your company gets more attention via likes and shares. Specifically, when accessing Twitter you only have 140 characters to use — make each one count!

Don’t forget that you will also need to make time to answer all inquires. If someone takes the time to send you a message or comment on a post, then you need to take the time to answer him or her.

Not knowing your target audience

You may think this step is a no-brainer, but many companies fail to take into consideration target audiences when it comes to social marketing. In fact, making assumption about what your target audience needs is one of the most common social media marketing mistakes.

Remember that your business has its own brand; therefore, make sure you’re selling your brand to the right people (i.e. those who want it, have a need for it and who might actually buy it!).

Always take time to fully research your target audience and understand their unique needs before investing significant money in your media plan.

Not knowing the competition

In the business world, everyone has competition — period. Do you know who your competition is?

As mentioned before, social media is a major game changer that, if used correctly, can really work in favor of small businesses. However, the world of social media marketing is crowded with many different players, players who are most likely competing for the same attention.

Therefore, by knowing your competition, you can essentially find out what those companies are doing and try to do something different. Not only do you want to recognize your competition and understand what they’re doing, you also want to stand out from them. Give customers a reason to choose you, your services or your products over competitors.  

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