Tata Consultancy Services: Ready To Weather The Storm

By Jack Grimshaw
As a crucial partner to the success of WSIB, a feature in this month’s magazine, we’re taking an in-depth look at Tata Consultancy Services...

WSIB is a company with 106 years of experience and heritage, with an organisational purpose to protect wellness and promote healthy and safe workplaces for everyone. As a key partner to the success of WSIB, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) took just two weeks to enable its entire TCS account team to work from home as the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. 

Working together, the digital journey transformation was accelerated, quickly becoming suited towards low-touch, frictionless experiences for all - from employees, through to businesses and healthcare providers. All experiences, including claims registration, administration, and return-to-work, have been covered by the transformation and shift to working from home.

None of this would have been possible to achieve without the implementation of an effective strategy, covering change management and organisational redesign. The strategy envisioned by TCS covered enterprise quality management and operational agility.

TCS Canada has been a leading player in the industry for the past 3 decades, partnering with and providing best-in-class solutions to the country’s top banks, insurance firms, financial market infrastructure entities, crown corporations, retailers, manufacturing firms, energy resource & utility majors, and more.

Its constant evolution has enabled the participation in a number of highly innovative marquee academic institutions and fintechs, whilst continuing to create huge numbers of jobs in the IT services industry. 

The company has also made significant strides towards captivating the passion of the younger generation, creating opportunities through STEM in 21 cities around Canada, influencing the lives of more than 8000 young Canadians. This diverse initiative has spanned the indigenous community and a number of other communities underrepresented across the country.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada earlier this year has presented the company with a number of challenges it has never faced before, that it has had to overcome. The effect of the virus has been felt across all societies, industries, and economies.

To combat the impact of the pandemic, TCS has placed active employee engagement and global well-being at the very top of its list of priorities, in order to support the crucial backbone to its technology solutions.

TCS sees the financial services sector as a key player to the recovery phase of the pandemic. By working closely with the financial services providers that TCS has previously partnered with, the company is witnessing and helping the implementation of new technologies that will benefit workforces in the ‘new normal’ world that follows COVID-19.


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