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By Bizclik Editor
Top 10 Blackbery Shortcuts

1. To jump to the top of a webpage or e-mail, simply click the “T” button. Clicking the “B” button will instantly move you to the bottom.


2. To copy/paste text, highlight it by pressing the Shift key and rolling the trackball, then click the menu button.


3. To insert a period while typing, press the spacebar twice.


4. To capitalize a letter with one click, hold down the key until the letter capitalizes.


5. Insert the current date into a message or document by pressing the L key followed by the D key and spacebar.


6. Insert the current time into a message or document by pressing the L key followed by the T key and spacebar.


7. Insert your phone number into a message or document by typing “mynumber.” Your phone number will automatically be populated into the message. Typing “sig” will automatically add your device’s owner information.


8. To multitask while on the phone with other applications (such as your calendar, e-mail or Web browser), press the Escape key or select “Home Screen” from the BlackBerry menu. However, Internet access is unavailable while on calls.


9. BlackBerry devices are known for their excellent battery life, but there are ways you can make your battery last even longer. One easy way to do so is to use the Auto On/Off feature to have the Smartphone automatically power off and back on overnight. You can also extend battery life by turning the wireless coverage off when you don’t need it and putting your device back in the holster when it’s not in use, which automatically turns the screen off.


10. If your BlackBerry slows down, starts malfunctioning or freezes, always try removing the battery and SIM card then wait a few seconds before reinserting it. Ninety-five percent of the issues are resolved by simply removing the battery.

• Best uses for the BlackBerry desktop manager?

The Device Switch Wizard feature of BlackBerry Desktop Manager makes it quick and easy to transfer your information to a new BlackBerry Smartphone. Another great feature is BlackBerry Media Sync, which is a fast way of transfer music from an iTunes library to your BlackBerry. While this feature isn’t directly related to business, business people certainly do enjoy listening to music on their devices.


•Best Blackberry for an executive?

The BlackBerry Bold is an ideal choice for executives looking to make an impression – its sleek, elegant design is sure to turn heads. The BlackBerry Bold keeps users connected with support for tri-band HSDPA high-speed networks around the world, GPS, Wi-Fi and an impressive 624 MHz mobile processor.


• Cool Software from RIM’s online store:

There are hundreds of business and productivity applications available in BlackBerry App World, ranging from document management to personal organization. Applications on BlackBerry App World that would be relevant to business executives could include those that offer CRM functionality and sales tools, time and expense tracking applications, search engines, GPS and mapping solutions and reference guides. A few examples of individual applications are:


Office, which enables users to view, edit and create documents on their BlackBerry


Vlingo, which lets users direct their BlackBerry to send texts, e-mail, make calls, search the web and update status on social apps simply by speaking to the device


• Applications like Bloomberg, Viigo, and The New York Times keep users up-to-date on the latest news


Documents To Go is also a helpful application that ships on some BlackBerry devices. With it, users can view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on their Smartphone.


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