May 19, 2020

Three ways to help keep your employees healthy

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Three ways to help keep your employees healthy

Business is all about productivity and making a profit, right? Well, if you want your employees to work hard, then it’s important to ensure their health. After all, sitting in front of a computer all day can be quite tedious. To help motivate your workers to do their very best, try incorporating these tips into your daily business routine:

Raise the computer screen

According to the director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, employees should not look down or up to see the screen of their computer. Therefore, raise the computer screen. If the eyes have to look lower or higher than 10 degrees, then the head will have to adapt as well, creating neck and back aches. Not to mention, dry eye syndrome is connected with staring up too high.

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Posture is important

Do your employees practice good posture techniques? Most people get so engaged in their computer screens that they crane their necks without really knowing it. This action, of course, leads to strained necks and backs. You definitely don’t want an employee to harm themselves at work or even be uncomfortable. Therefore, send out a memo detailing the importance of good posture. Also, make sure that all employees have adequate office supplies (i.e. appropriate desk and chair).

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It’s perfectly okay to stand up

Sure, a typical office setting has employees sitting down at a desk to do work—but that’s not always best for a worker’s body. Therefore, it’s recommended to encourage employees to take various breaks and stand up from time to time.  Allow workers five or so minutes here and there to stand up and walk away from their desk. Make sure you give employees a chance to stretch and get rid of the kinks in their body that may have formed due to sitting for long periods of time.

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