Top 5 copywriting strategies for marketing to women

By Tomas H. Lucero

Generally, we are an enlightened society that accepts women and men as equals. Being equal, though, is not being the same. When it comes to marketing, understanding—and more importantly, deploying this understanding—is the difference between failure and success. In a recent article in Forbes, Bridget Brennan—CEO of Female Factor, which “helps you increase sales and market share with the world’s most powerful consumers”—discusses copywriting strategies for marketing to women. In this article, Business Review USA condenses Brennan’s insights into the top five copywriting strategies for marketing to ladies.

1. Start a conversation

“Engage women in conversations on topics with which you’d like your brand to be associated. Pose questions or thought-starters that encourage their input and help foster a connection. Bonus: this tactic has the potential to provide valuable customer insights,” says Brennan.

2. Provide helpful tips and checklists

“These are perennial favorites, especially when they’re useful and shareable. Even when writing a long-form article, ask yourself, ‘What are the three most important things my customer needs to know about this?’ It will help you keep the focus tight, and the copy length in check,” advises Brennan

3. Focus on milestones and life stages more than age alone

“In a world where ‘60 is the new 40,’ life stages and milestones are typically a more relevant way to connect with women than age alone. Whether it’s a first job or first retirement account, a new home or new city, find ways to tie your product or service to the life stages and milestones your customers are going through,” asserts Brennan.

4. Give the back story or go behind the scenes

“Personalize your brand or company by featuring the people and interesting processes within it – not just the executive team, but people at every level who make things happen every day. This can help drive a personal connection to the business,” states Brennan.

5. Read what women are reading

“From books to websites to well-loved magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine, InStyle and Better Homes & Gardens – to name just a few — pay attention to what women are reading, and study the topics and language these vehicles are using to engage their audiences” writes Brennan.

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