Top Three: the best US business travel destinations

By Harry Menear
Business travel is, well, big business. In 2017, global business travel accounted for over US$1.3trn in spending, with the US and China...

Business travel is, well, big business. In 2017, global business travel accounted for over US$1.3trn in spending, with the US and China ranking top of the list of most jet set workforces. Last year, the travel agency and bookings site Expedia examined its annual data and found that of the approximately 405mn business trips made by Americans, 60% of travelers extended their trips for leisure.  

Tacking on mini-holidays to a business trip is undeniably a great way to unwind after stressful meetings, take advantage of the opportunity to explore a new city or take a few laps in the pool to wash away the smell of several days in a sweltering conference center.  

This week, small business solutions marketplace Fundera announced its list of the best cities in the US for a post-work trip stopover. Let’s take a look at the top three.  

1. Los Angeles 

Californian sunshine, the heart of the entertainment industry and some of the most mouthwatering restaurants in the world, Los Angeles is the perfect place to business breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. According to Fundera’s research, there are 1,596 hotels available in this region and over 100,000 dining and entertainment establishments.  



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2. New York City  

The second-busiest city of business travelers is also a global mecca of culture, with arguably the globe’s best food, drink, music and museums, it can be the perfect place to mellow out following a stressful week in the boardroom.  

New York has 1,593 hotels, approximately the same number as Los Angeles/Long Beach, even though NYC is 60% smaller geographically.  

3. Dallas 

The highest-ranking city on the list not located on the coast, Texas’ Dallas is a happy medium of size, culture and convenience. Lacking the sheer volume of densely packed culture and food that New York and Los Angeles offer, Dallas is calmer, more open, and easier to navigate by road. Its airport is also centrally located for flights to all other parts of the US.  

According to Fundera’s research, the average nightly cost of a hotel stay is just $187.93, lower than less-populated cities like Miami and San Francisco. The Dallas Fort Worth Airport is 20 miles from downtown Dallas, but takes just 40 minutes to reach downtown from the airport during rush hour.


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