Using Social Media to Grow Customer Base and Attract Clients

By Bizclik Editor

Social media not only provides businesses an incredibly powerful channel of direct communication to their customers, but it also provides companies with the ability to easily market valuable content and merchandise offerings. Here are some great tips on how your business can use social media to generate revenue towards your bottom line:

- Announce sales or new product launches for your business on your Twitter account and Facebook page and link people directly to your e-commerce store.
- Offer special coupons and discount promo-codes that are exclusively available to your social media fans and followers. This will encourage people to "follow" and "like" your business on social media so that they can get special deals – increasing your ability to re-market to them and convert more sales.
- Run a social media scavenger hunt via one (i.e. Foursquare) or multiple platforms (i.e. Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook) that lead customers into your store.
- Run contests so that you can get more followers, collect email addresses, and market business offerings to customers.
- Reward customers with a discount for making a positive social media post about your business.
- Use PromoJam to build, launch and track social media promotions with ease. With PromoJam you can easily run multiple types of social media promotions that can help you drive revenue for your business via social media such as: Coupon or PromoCode giveaways, contests, redirect promotions (sending traffic directly to a point of purchase), flash sales and more.

Grow Customer Base and Attract New Clients:

Social media is no longer just a place for consumers to connect with friends, it has become a rich environment for businesses to communicate with customers, develop relationships, grow their customer base and attract new clients. Here are some great tips on ways to maximize your social media efforts and outreach for your business:

- Growing your customer base online is directly related to how interesting you are. You won't attract social media friends or followers by constantly saying the same thing, only posting about yourself, not engaging in conversations, or by being inactive on your social media profiles.

You need to dive in and start connecting with people. Create reasons why they should pay attention to you. Produce interesting content, link to other people's blog posts, retweet interesting tweets, respond to comments, and start creating your brand image online by utilizing social media to showcase your business' interests, passion points, and more.

A great way to grow your customer base is by becoming interesting. If you are interesting, people will pay attention to you and you will increase your customer base. Case in point: the viral marketing Old Spice YouTube campaign that swept the nation and suddenly got millions of people talking about and engaging with the Old Spice brand. Not only did this grow their customer base, but it also generated thousands of dollars in sales for the brand.

- A great way to attract new clients is to use social media to showcase your current and past business successes. If you are a marketing company or a fashion store, you can use social media to publicize the campaigns you are working on, the clients you represent, or the brands you carry. People are always attracted to businesses who have a great roster of clients or stores who carry the designers they like.

Utilize social media to promote the work you currently do and this will help you capture the attention of potential customers and clients. Get the word out and you will start attracting new clients and customers that are looking for the exact things that you are offering.

You can use Twitter's great hash tag (#) system to attract people who are searching for something that you are posting about. For instance: If you represent Donna Karen, add a #DonnaKaren to your tweet about her and then people who are searching #DonnaKaren will have a better chance of finding you!

To attract new clients via social media, target your posts and activity so that people who might be interested in what you do can find you via social platforms, search queries, search engines and more!

Amanda MacNaughton is the Co-founder of Culture Jam and their social marketing platform, PromoJam. Culture Jam is an innovative social media technology company specializing in engineering creative solutions for digital content marketing and distribution. Culture Jam synthesizes curiosity, creativity, and content into web applications built for modern online audiences.

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