May 19, 2020

Walmart Canada launches sustainable grocery delivery in Vancouver

Walmart Canada
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Walmart Canada launches sustainable grocery delivery in Vancouver
Walmart Canada have launched a new, sustainable grocery delivery service In Vancouver on 20 September
The initiative was first announced in February in a press release stating that Walmart Canada had reached an agreement with Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD) to use its delivery platform, Food-X, to serve Walmart Canada customers in Metro Vancouver.
As part of its continued exploration of ways to compete with Amazon’s delivery capabilities, Walmart Canada recently announced a similar partnership with Instacart to help it tackle “last mile home delivery” in Toronto and Winnipeg.
In February, Peter van Stolk, SPUD CEO, said:
“Consumer demand for online grocery shopping is growing and that means more trucks on the road”.
“Now we’re offering Food-X to other companies who share a commitment to sustainability, efficiency and strong customer service”.
According to Supermarket News, Food-X utilizes shared warehouse space with retailers to consolidate orders and thereby reduce the number of trucks necessary to fulfil multiple deliveries.
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The firm makes use of bio-digester technology to compost meat, produce, and biodegradable packaging.
In the press release announcing the deal with SPUD, Walmart Canada’s CEO and president Lee Tappenden, said:
“We are always looking for new ways to offer convenience and choice to our customers so they can shop when they want and how they want at Walmart’s unbeatable prices”.
“Our strategic collaboration with Food-X allows us to serve customers in the heart of Vancouver in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way”.

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