What's trending in your industry?

By Adam Groff

Effective communications is a major part of any business, which is why many businesses all across Canada are setting their sights on the latest communication trends.

If your business is in need of a boost in the communications department, there are a number of trends to pay attention to.

With trending business topics in mind, here are some popular communications trends to look for in 2016 and beyond:

Bring Your Own Device

Although many Canadian businesses and other businesses across the world are reluctant to allow their employees to bring their own device to work, the BYOD trend is quickly catching on.

When employees are able to use their own smart phones, laptops, and tablets at work, it increases familiarity, which results in an increase in productivity.

In addition, businesses actually save money with BYOD policies in place because they don't have to provide their employees with the technology or pay for service plans.

Likewise, when employees have work documents on their personal devices, it improves at-home communications and accessibility.

Increased Bandwidths

As the business world continues to push toward cloud and web-based communications, the need for increased Internet speeds is becoming not just a trend, but also a necessity.

As the following articles looks at, Cloud-based communications is just one of 6 business communication trends currently taking Canada by storm, which is why bandwidth speed is so important.

Most business IT infrastructures are managed by private and public cloud service providers. Both cloud services require fast connection speeds and increased network bandwidths.

As a result, cloud-friendly Canadian companies are increasing their bandwidth capacities, which is a trend that will continue into 2016 and beyond.

Unified Communications

Most businesses take advantage of email, mobile outreach, web conferencing, and traditional/VoIP phone services for all of their communications needs.

Multi-platform communications has been part of the business world for years now, but unifying these communications is a new trend that's beginning to gain speed.

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, combines all premise-based communication devices and moves them to the cloud.

When all aspects of communication are centrally located and accessible on the cloud, it makes communicating that much easier and more efficient.

Communications in Real-Time

Today's businesses must function in real-time in order to keep pace with demand and customer expectations. That's why real-time online communications, or WebRTC, is becoming such a popular trend in Canada and other countries.

WebRTC allows web browsers and mobile apps to communicate in real-time without the use of other apps or problematic plug-ins.

This type of technology paves the way for faster web-based communications, which include online and video chatting, click-to-call customer service, and lightning-fast file sharing.

Mobile Marketing

Customer outreach is the key to business success, which is why more and more Canadian businesses are turning to mobile marketing to get the word out about their brands.

As the business landscape transitions into 2016, text message marketing and the use of short codes will continue to dominate the communications and marketing aspect of most consumer-based businesses.

When it comes to business trends in Canada, it is plain to see that communications is gaining popularity. 


About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including communications and business management.


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