What’s in Your Closet? The Importance of Toronto Fashion Week

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World MasterCard Fashion Week officially kicked off on March 23. While the event has almost come to an end, it’s significant to look back to not only see what innovating pieces designers have come up with, but to also explore why this occasion is so important.

Not only is World MasterCard Fashion Week Canada’s largest fashion event, but it’s also one that is highly sought after—here’s why:

The Talent and the Trends

Plenty of fashion icons have come from Toronto, such as Dean and Dan Caten, Joe Mimran and Kimberley Newport-Mimran. However, they aren’t the only ones who have been noticed. Other designers are coming to prominence due to this event, including Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan. MasterCard Fashion Week allows Canadian designers to not only get their work out to the public, but to also expand themselves globally.

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When it comes to trending, you may have guessed it, but fashion week in Toronto allows the city to be recognized. For example, back in 2013, fashion week produced more than 29,000 mentions on various social media platforms.

The Recognition

Not only does Toronto get recognized due to fashion week, but the city also gets paid for hosting the event.

World MasterCard Fashion Week is the second biggest fashion event in North America—next to New York Fashion Week, of course. Therefore, this event attracts a range of people and industries, including media, investors, designers and various consumers who perhaps wouldn’t have visited the city otherwise. The appeal of Toronto then gets noticed, leading to potential investors possibly opting for the city to be home for new business ventures.

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Because this event brings in so much traffic, the economy is boosted by all of the guests, models, hair stylists, make-up artists, and media members who stay in Toronto throughout the week’s events.

The Attraction of Looking Good

Whether you choose to sport the latest fashions or a pair of jeans that you’ve spent years breaking in, when you look good, you feel good. Not only can fashion be used to help strengthen one’s appearance, but fashion can clearly also impact a wide range of industries, as well as the economy.

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