Why Canadian Businesses Need to Appeal to a 60 Plus Audience

By Adam Groff

The 60-and-older crowd is still in the consumerism race and many Canadian companies are taking notice. When it comes to marketing products and services to these Baby Boomers, management heads are doing all they can to adjust their marketing strategies for the older masses.

Here are just a few Canadian companies that are successfully marketing to Baby Boomers as well as some tips for marketing departments looking to attract more seniors:

Canada's Baby Boomer Market

The Canadian Baby Boomer market is growing all the time with more and more citizens entering their retirement years every day. In fact, according to the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development department, Baby Boomers make up 29% of Canada's population, beating out Generation Y, X, and younger generations.

In addition, Canadian Baby Boomers also have the most disposable incomes of any other generation. Nearly 50% of Baby Boomers have incomes of $60,000 or more. This gives Canadian companies a unique opportunity to corner the Baby Boomer market.

What Baby Boomers are Looking For

Baby Boomers are unlike other consumer markets because they have some pretty specific requirements when it comes to being marketed to. Although fast and flashy marketing campaigns work for younger audiences, the 60-and-older crowds like marketing that appeals to where they are in life. This means marketing campaigns that are age specific yet cater to Baby Boomers' youthful sides.

As the following article notes, whether it's an advertisement for "Degrees to keep Baby Boomers working” into retirement or a marketing campaign for great senior care, Baby Boomers respond to marketing that offers great deals as well as helps them maintain their youthful independence.

Canadian Companies Doing it Right

When it comes to successfully marketing to Canada's Baby Boomer population, there are a number of companies doing it right….

Here are just a few:

  • Chartwell Retirement Residences - Chartwell, a Canadian-based senior care company, is putting a new spin on the senior lifestyle. Instead of the assisted living approach, Chartwell is marketing to Baby Boomers by describing their residences as active living communities complete with social and physical activities as well as group vacations.
  • Sandman Hotels - Sandman Hotels, the popular Canadian hotel chain, is marketing to Baby Boomers' adventurous spirits by offering customers 55-and-older great discounts and benefits in many of their locations.
  • Retail Deals - Many retail businesses in Canada's provinces are tailoring their deals toward Baby Boomers. Salvation Army Thrift Stores for example offer 10% discounts for shoppers 60 and older on a daily basis.

Baby Boomer Marketing Tips

For Canadian companies having difficulty marketing to Baby Boomers, there are a few tips to keep in mind. The 60-and-older crowd respond more to marketing campaigns that are customized and speak to their individual needs. This means companies may need to tweak their campaigns to fit the Baby Boomer niche.

Likewise, Baby Boomers like marketing that comes with fast responses, quick deliveries, and high quality products and services. Canadian companies that deliver this will gain the trust and the business of the Baby Boomer generation.

When it comes to the baby boomer market, it's plain to see that a sizable number of Canadian companies have all eyes on Baby Boomers.

Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing strategies and consumerism.


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