Will McDonald's new menu items last?

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In an attempt to spice up their menu, McDonald’s has decided to add new items to its list of choices. However, these options aren’t what you’d typically see at the Golden Arches. In fact, you’d most likely have trouble finding these recipes at any fast food restaurant.

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Trying to win over new customers while still pleasing regular ones, McDonald’s has decided to add five new items to its menu. However, as stated, these choices are quite bizarre. Specifically, each dish will represent five different regions in Canada.

According to McDonald’s, this new menu will help customers “explore the flavours of Canada.”

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For example, one of the famous fast food restaurant’s new dishes is the McLobster. Though this sandwich has already suffered from poor reviews and sales performances in the past, the item is still coming back.

Other regional items that McDonald’s plans to launch include the Maple & Bacon Poutine, the Cottage Country Chicken, the Western BBQ Burger and the Chocolate Nanimo Sundae.  

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However, if one of the items above sounds tasty, you’ll have to act quickly. The five items will only be available during the month of June. Furthermore, in an attempt to promote the new options even more, McDonald’s is urging customers to post photos of the menu items on social media for a chance to win prizes.

 But will the contest and food items prove to be a hit? Most likely, no. When people think of McDonald’s, French fries and burgers often come to mind—not lobster and poutine. And while change can be good, these specific changes might not bode well with customers. Not to mention, the McLobster failed once, so why would it do better this time?

McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants should stick to what they know, as creating new and wild menu options could only prove to be expensive and wasteful.

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