Is your business’s SMS marketing program hitting its target?

By Joyce Morse

In today’s connected world, communicating directly with customers through SMS can be one of the best marketing methods for a business.

More people open and read their text messages, creating a high response rate compared to any other marketing strategy. While not all consumers may own an app-equipped smartphone, most today own a type of cell phone, giving you a better chance of reaching your intended audience through SMS.

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To achieve your goals with your SMS marketing, your customers must sign up. They have to know this option exists and it must appeal to them.

This requires you to market your SMS program effectively for the best success.

1. Your Website

Your website is still one of the main ways new customers find out about your business.

Current customers will visit your site to get answers to questions or to learn more about your company. Make sure you include information about SMS texts and let people sign up to receive messages from your company.

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If you promote your SMS texts as a way for customers to get private deals or special information, they will want to sign up.

Make sure it's easy to see on your website, instead of hiding it in a corner or on an inside page.

2. Getting Social

As the article, “6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Club's SMS Marketing Program,” says, utilize your social networks.

People who already like your page on Facebook or follow you on Twitter will be more likely to be interested in receiving text messages from your company.

Encourage people to sign up from your social networks with a strong call to action. Let them know what they'll receive by being part of your SMS text group.

For instance, you can tell them you'll be giving out special deals only to SMS subscribers.

They won't want to miss out on exclusive deals, so it will encourage them to sign up.


3. In-Store

Local businesses can't forget about the power of print advertising.

While not the only method of marketing, it still has value for today's customers.

Print up flyers to put in a customer's bag when they make a purchase or have a way to sign up online included on the receipt.

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People are more likely to follow up after they have completed a transaction or visited your business. They are already thinking about your company and will be more interested in signing up for future deals.

4. Cross-Promotion

When you're advertising another special promotion, mention your SMS service.

Let customers know they can learn about these special deals or discounts early if they sign up for text messages. If they are interested in the current deal, they won't want to miss out on future events.

SMS text marketing is an effective tool for many businesses. However, it only works when people know about it.

You have to promote this tool just like any other product. Get people interested by making sure they are aware of it and the benefits it provides to them.

As a business owner, what has your experience been with SMS text marketing?


About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including marketing and running a business.



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