Is your marketing game on point?

By Todd Jones

Whether your business is small, mid-size or as big as they come, your marketing needs can never be taken for granted.

With that in mind, what are you doing to make your marketing game second to none? If you have to think about the question, do it today and not tomorrow.

When it comes to marketing your brand, what kinds of signals are you sending to current and potential customers? Are you marketing aggressively or just here and there? Do you stick with traditional marketing means or have you picked up and run with mobile marketing? Finally, do you oftentimes tweak your marketing needs or are you set against change?

Take Your Marketing to New Levels

In order to make sure your marketing game is second to none, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Process matters – For starters, do you have a marketing process in place that will all but guarantee you keeping your current customers and bringing in new ones? In some cases, business owners and/or marketers will either have limited budgets to work with and/or get set in their ways. As a result, the process grinds to a halt, leaving little room for improving a marketing plan that may not be hitting on all cylinders. Always be open to reviewing your marketing plans and see where you can improve upon those campaigns that are not bringing the results you want;
  • Stand out from the competition – If you want your marketing game to be second to none, make it stand out. Whether consumers are left to compare Brighthouse to Direct TV, Coke or Pepsi, Colgate to Crest, or Ford versus Chevy, they have a plethora of choices. Given that fact, your brand and how you market it needs to stand out. You must provide consumers with a true reason to want your product or service over the competition’s offerings;
  • Mobility means more these days – While you may be a little slow to hop on the mobile marketing bandwagon, you definitely want to grab a seat. With the holidays just around the corner, mobile marketing will prove even more important for your brand than the rest of the year. When you take a mobile approach to marketing your brand, you can provide consumers with instant deals and special savings they otherwise might not have access to. If the consumer is near a store offering your product or service or they decide to browse and hopefully purchase your brand goods online, you can see the cash register ring-up rather quickly. One quick note on mobile marketing – do it effectively and don’t be a nuisance to consumers by bombarding them with sales pitches.


If your marketing game needs some direction, send it on its way and picture better results in 2016 and beyond.


About the Author: Todd Jones covers the world of marketing on the web.




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