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By: Adam Groff

Businesses that go viral with their marketing reap the benefits of a massive online audience. And, nowhere is that audience more present than with YouTube.

What are the benefits involved with business’s broadcasting on YouTube and how can your business set itself apart from the rest of the online footage fodder?

The Benefits of YouTube Marketing

Any marketing is good marketing as long as it’s effective and keeps true to the brand. With YouTube, a huge and diverse built-in audience will see your business’s unique marketing efforts everyday and that’s just where the benefits begin.

Among the benefits:

It’s Free – Monthly advertising space in magazines, newspapers, and websites is costly. But, with a standard YouTube account and a little time, your business can upload videos and market to millions without spending a penny.

Viral is a Good Thing – Business videos that cater to the YouTube audience have a better chance of going viral. Creative and funny approaches to otherwise standard marketing efforts will spread like online wildfire and put your company on the map overnight.

Eye Catching Content – Written content is great, but content the consumer can watch is even better. By directing potential customers to a YouTube video rather than a lengthy article about your business brand, customers will be more likely to give you their attention.

Around the Clock Marketing – Upload a video to YouTube once and it automatically has the potential to be viewed thousands of times at anytime during the day. In other words, YouTube does the work for you just as long as your business video is worthy of attention.

Behind the Scenes – Putting a face to a name makes customers comfortable and a business more approachable. With YouTube, your business can introduce the staff, give a behind the scenes tour of the office, upload answers to customer questions, perform product demonstrations, and directly talk about services provided and how your business generally works.

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Videos That Rise Above the Online Onslaught

In order for YouTube to work for your business, there are some things to keep in mind when producing a video. Besides, anyone can upload a video to YouTube, but only the quality ones go viral and stand the test of time.

Be sure to:

Always be Informative – This is the most important aspect of any business video on YouTube. If you don’t tell the audience what your brand is all about, they’ll likely move on.

Make it a point to educate the audience first and foremost. If a customer is interested in the product or service you provide, they’ll inherently be entertained.

Make it a Destination – Instead of uploading random videos here and there, create a YouTube channel for your business. By creating a channel, you’ll make your marketing efforts a destination where your business’s viral history is available for all to see.

Be Original and Entertaining – These two suggestions go hand in hand. As said before, by uploading business videos that are creative, funny, and go against the norm, you’ll be original and originality goes a long way on YouTube.

If your business it trying to find the next level of marketing by reaching an audience of millions, try the YouTube approach and see where it takes your brand.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including business marketing, loans from billfloat, and personal health.

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