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Rayed Saad Altukhais

Director of Digital Excellent Administration

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Mr. Altukhais, a highly accomplished IT professional and the current Director of Digital Excellence Administration at KSMC. With a strong background in IT strategy and planning, Mr. Altukhais has held several leadership positions throughout his career, including Head of IT Strategy and Planning and Head of Ancillary Systems at KSMC. 

Mr. Altukhais is recognized for his expertise in system analysis, workflow design, and project leadership, making him a valuable ally for organizations seeking to achieve their digital transformation goals. He is a visionary IT leader who is committed to driving excellence and innovation in the industry.

Overall, Mr. Altukhais is an exceptional IT professional whose contributions to the field cannot be overstated. His track record of success and leadership make him an ideal partner for any organization seeking to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-changing digital landscape.