Chief Customer Officer

“Cloudflare is a cybersecurity company. We have a straightforward mission in life. Our mission is to help make the Internet better for everyone around the world, regardless of size. Cloudflare has built a global networking platform through which we offer networking and security services to companies of all sizes worldwide. I serve as the Chief Customer Officer here at Cloudflare, and my only job, and role in life, is to make sure that we deliver the best customer experience from our products, services, and solutions”.

Kanani’s leadership style is underpinned by an inclusive mindset and a transformational approach, leveraging people to their fullest potential and fuel change. “I love working with companies or situations where transformation is involved. I'm always looking to improve a business or a situation, and even at times, people to make sure that we are delivering any service or product aligned with the company's goals and strategies”.

“I leverage the people around me to get us through that transformational journey. And so, that’s a combination of making sure that I'm working in a transformational environment and making sure I have people that can work with me, side by side”.

Kanani says he finds inspiration and is driven by a troika of change, ideas, and people.  “Number one, change. Change is inevitable. Change for the better is something I thrive on. The status quo is unacceptable to me. Constant change and ensuring that we deliver the right service or the right experience to our customers is critical for me”. 

“Number two, new ideas. I'm always looking for ideas that allow us to improve ourselves and the services we provide. New ideas are critical as you're bringing change to companies or situations. The third thing that's important to me is the people who deliver the change and initiate the new ideas. I'm inspired by people who have a vision. One of the key reasons I came to Cloudflare is the vision that the founders of Cloudflare set up over ten years ago to help make the Internet better for everyone. That inspires me. That's why I'm here at Cloudflare”

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