Vice President of Technology Operations

After 25 years leading multinational organisations, managing global portfolios, and advising F100 clients on technology, optimisation, and crisis management, Pat Kamm knows a thing or two about leadership. Currently leading IGT’s Global Programme Management Office, Kamm manages the end-to-end delivery of complex gaming systems across lotteries, casinos, and video gaming. 

Kamm started his career with the U.S. Department of Defence, as a member of the 10th Special Forces Group, Airborne. There, he participated in small teams operations throughout the world, setting the foundation for his leadership approach.

Tactical management taught Kamm the ropes of organisational leadership. ‘[My role] is to collect as much information as possible all the time, break down barriers, and connect people. I will always be a student, always collaborate, always model risk mitigation with stakeholders, and when the job is finished, complete an After Action Review to learn what went well and which areas need improvement’, he explained. 

Much of what he’s learned, in all honesty, comes from his military experience and later, his continuing executive education. ‘In terms of skills I apply on a daily basis’, Kamm says, ‘[that defence background] is absolutely at the top of my list. Whether you’re participating in a military operation, in a project war room, or a strategic planning workshop, you have a million events happening around you—a million distractions’. He pointed out that leading a global portfolio is similar. ‘There are so many changing parameters. It’s a very fluid environment, but you’ve got to keep your team’s focus on the critical path and filter out the noise’. 

Post-service, Kamm’s career continued upward. At Fleet Bank, he took on a Retail Banking Programme Management role and from there, he joined GTECH (now IGT) as a Project Manager. 

Now, Kamm has been with IGT, formerly GTECH, for over 20 years, the last 12 serving as IGT’s Vice President of Technology Operations and Global Programme Management. Yet he never misses an opportunity to upskill. Pat has completed executive studies at the Yale School of Management’s Fostering Inclusion and Diversity Training, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business’ Advanced Leadership Programme, and the Columbia Business School’s High Impact Leadership and Financial Accounting programmes. 

In addition, his work ethic and attitude make him well-liked among his co-workers. ‘Patrick knows how to motivate people from the global workforce’, one colleague noted. ‘Although he expects results, his policies ensure everyone is treated well… I would recommend him for any challenge he sees fit to attempt’. 

Kamm has served as Chief of Staff and today, his PMOs lead IGT’s Product R&D teams for casino, video lottery and traditional lottery channels, as well as its Global Programme Management Office responsible for customer deliveries across the globe. Kamm works closely with the company’s leadership teams on tactical and strategic initiatives to meet customer commitments. Through the consistent application of standards and process management, he’s kept his portfolio value of approximately US$750mn-US$1bn within one percent of actual variance while annually overseeing roughly 2 million hours of work. 

As IGT continues to accelerate its mobile, cashless, and cloud capabilities, Kamm’s organisational management, sourcing, and leadership skills will push the company to drive innovation. As Kamm says, ‘technology forms the foundation that drives the security of games, promotions, player tracking, floor management, cashless transactions, and everything necessary to operate the gaming business’. 

His IGT co-workers agree that Kamm is well-equipped to lead the company’s digitalisation. ‘[No matter what], Kamm delivers a clear and concise message that aligns teams across the globe’, one says. This mindset is universal at IGT. As Kamm puts it: ‘The innovative leadership and team culture coupled with the operational tempo is what makes us the best in the industry’.

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