3 reasons to build a stronger business team

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As a business owner, one of your main goals should be to form a skilled, hardworking team. Your employees represent you and your company; therefore, it’s important to find those who have the same goals and work ethic as you.

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Of course, once you’ve gathered and officially hired your team, your job is only half done. It’s your responsibility to train your employees and motivate them. There is no better way to accomplish this task than with team building activities.

Remember: As a business owner, your most valued asset is your employees — so take care of them!

The following tips are different reasons as to why you — the CEO — should take time to focus on team building skills at the office. After all, you’re the leader of the group, so act like it!

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Are you communicating with your staff?

As the boss, make sure you’re communicating with your employees. It’s your duty to create an environment where people feel comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions. You want your worker’s voices to be heard.

Take time to create group activities or exercises that promote group discussions. Your employees should get to know one another and feel comfortable talking in front of each other. Improving office communication can strengthen office relationships and in turn, the quality of work that is done.

Are you motivating your staff?

Building a team and leading a team are one in the same. You don’t want to be overly forceful with your employees, but you should always do you best to motivate them. Inspire your workers to always do their best and go that extra mile.

Confidence is key, too! If you’ve successfully created a safe and welcoming environment (the previous tip), then your employees will be more open to express their ideas and opinions. The more confident your team is, the more motivated they will be to take on more challenges and work harder to achieve goals.

Are you developing skills with your staff?

As mentioned earlier, hiring the perfect team is just one step of building a successful business — you also need to take the time to develop certain skills with your staff.

Not only do you need to teach your employees various skills in order for them to perfect their profession, but you want your staff to be able to work together to solve problems and reach goals.

In order for this to happen, you need to break the barrier(s) between yourself and employees. You may be the boss, but you still don’t want to create a gap. Developing skills and creating group exercises can promote collaboration amongst colleagues, which will boost company morale.

Companies doing it right

There are so many companies throughout Canada that are doing it right! To name a few, Campbell Company of Canada, Nature’s Path Foods, Inc. and Rogers Communications, Inc. all provide a friendly, safe and collaborative working environment.

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