3 things a CEO should never say to an employee

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As the CEO of a company—no matter how big or small—you have to remember that your employees look up to you. Not only is it your job to create a safe and motivational work environment, but you should also be aware of how you speak to your workers.

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Being in charge of a business can undoubtedly be stressful, like a juggler trying to keep various items in the air all at once. However, there are certain things you should never say to your employees, as certain words can come off hurtful or unprofessional. 

#1: “I’m the boss!”

No one wants to be ordered around and belittled. Therefore, when giving assignments, try not to pull rank or show excessive force of power. Even though you’re in charge, you and your employees are a team and you should encourage collaboration.   

#2: “I don’t care what you think!”

This is a highly negative statement that could easily cause friction throughout the workplace. An employee may not have the best idea for a business plan or project, but try to spin your opinion in a way that is constructive and helpful.

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Instead of saying, “I don’t care what you think” or “That’s a horrible idea,” try to add to the employee's suggestion and help him or her to make it more powerful. In the very least, you could say something on the lines of, “That won’t work this time, but maybe next time.”

#3: “Just let me do it!”

You may not like or understand why an employee does a task a certain way. But instead of letting the problem continue (i.e. doing the work or redoing it yourself), help the worker and show them the correct way to get the job finished. If a worker is properly trained and specifically knows what your expectations are, then there shouldn’t be an issue. Remember: don’t tell an employee what to do, show them.

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At first, working with a team of different people can be difficult—everyone has an opinion or a sense of what is right. However, at the end of the day, you are the CEO; you are in charge of the company. And though you are the boss, you still need to make sure you conduct yourself in a professional manner that allows employees to learn and feel comfortable when coming to work. It’s all about working together.

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