5 reasons why we love Southwest Airlines

By Shane Watson

Southwest Airlines may have started small but quickly proved that size doesn't matter (at least not in all cases). And despite maintaining a predominately U.S.-centric route, the carrier has rightfully earned a spot among the world's best airlines. 

Here are 5 things we love about it. 

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  1. They have one of the most rewarding rewards programs in the country
    Earn points that have actual value and perks that actually matter—U.S. News & World Report ranked the Southwest Rapid Rewards program second in the nation. Check out our feature in the January edition of Business Review USA by clicking here
  2. No baggage fee
    One carry-on and two checked bags are included in the price of each and every ticket, even those acquired through special deals and discounted offers. The right to have more than one change of clothes is upheld with this airline, and the decision to not shove a medicine cabinet’s
  3. Wanna Get Away?
    Book with Southwest at least two weeks in advance and you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper ticket on any other airline. For the spontaneous jet-setter, the last-minute deals cannot be beat. $59 one-way? Yes, please.
  4. Secondary airports rock
    Unlike many of its competitors, Southwest actually flies into secondary airports on a regular basis. Ft. Lauderdale or Miami? LAX or Burbank? Depending on when you fly, that 30-minute drive will sound a lot more enticing than a 90 percent chance of delay.
  5. The crew goes viral
    In lieu of the standard safety video, Southwest crew members opt for live explanations, exchanging the stale with personal. Recording the fun-loving crew has become more and more common, and there’s a reason why: They are hysterical, and the connections built with passengers is priceless.

    The video below was featured by almost every major news source, including Time, ABC, FOX and CBS, and received more than 2 million views through just one YouTube channel alone.

Bonus reason: Southwest is listed as LUV on the New York Stock Exchange. 

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