May 19, 2020

Air Canada Ordered to Adjust Traveling Canine Policy

Air Canada
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Air Canada Ordered to Adjust Traveling Canine Policy

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Air Canada was ordered by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to do more to keep passengers with dog allergies away from the traveling pups.

Last week the CTA issued the ruling after a passenger filed a complaint against Air Canada concerning its policy that allows the carriage of dogs in aircraft cabins. The Agency ruled in favour of Marley Greenglass, a sufferer of dog allergies, referring to Air Canada’s pet policy an “undue obstacle to the mobility” of passengers with a “dog allergy disability”

The CTA ordered Air Canada to guarantee a minimum of five rows between travelers with dog allergies and the pet traveling in the main cabin while in a carrier, including separation while boarding, deplaning and washroom access.

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The new rule applies only to passengers that have the allergy giving a 48-hour notice of their travel and applies to planes using HEPA filters. HEPA filters are equipped to provide 100 percent uncirculated fresh air. The Air Canada aircrafts that do not have a HEPA ventilation system, pet dogs will be prohibited from being in the cabin whenever a passenger with the allergy in on board. In the case of service dogs, priority is given to whoever was the first to book their ticket.

Last summer a similar ruling was made when the CTA ordered Air Canada, WestJet Airlines and Air Canada Jazz to make sure there is a five-row minimum between passengers who are allergic to felines and the traveling cats. 

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