Are You on the Up and Up? Business Etiquette is Important—These Tips Can Help

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Have you ever considered your personal stance on business etiquette? It should come as no great surprise that in the mix of boardrooms, meetings and CEO procedures that a certain amount of finesse is not only expected, but necessary. After all, nothing can undermine creditability and lack of professionalism more than poor business etiquette.

Do This, Not That

As with any sector in life—school, work, social outings, etc.—there are certain do’s and do not’s. When referring to the business industry, these following tips can be of assistance:

 Dress for Success

Unfortunately, people often get judged on their choice of wardrobe. While it may be a personal choice to dress comfortably or fashionably, it’s important to remember to dress appropriately for the occasion, as well as the office type you work in. Depending on the company and your specific role, you may need to wear a tie, skirt, suit or something similar in nature.

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The Proper Handshake

A handshake can say a lot about someone. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your handshake is firm and serious—you want to convey to the other person that you’re confident and capable. As well, when shaking someone’s hand, you will want to look the other person directly in the eye. Giving eye contact shows respect.

Don’t Waste Time

Time is valuable—especially in the world of business. Therefore, never waste another individual’s time. This simply means to not cancel meetings at the last minute or show up to a meeting late. If someone is expecting you at a specific time and place, be there! In doing so, you will not only show respect, but professionalism, too.

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For more tips on etiquette, take a look at this helpful video. This useful tool will offer you three principles of proper business etiquette and how to specifically succeed with etiquette. 

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