May 19, 2020

ArtiFlex: Investing in growth

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Sasha Orman
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ArtiFlex: Investing in growth

Since 2011, ArtiFlex has been hard at work building a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer in a niche field of the automotive industry.

While Tier One tooling and stamping companies specialize in high volume output, ArtiFlex has concentrated on low volume specialty production—manufacturing for out-of-production past model vehicles and low volume derivative models, creating low volume parts to be shipped to dealers and repair shops worldwide.

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As the automotive and manufacturing industries evolve, ArtiFlex is working to build ever better and more efficient processes to ensure that its clients are in good hands.

Automotive progress as a driving force for high-tech upgrades

From Nissan to BMW to the Detroit Three, some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing depend on ArtiFlex for their lower volume parts. So when the automotive industry starts to introduce newer designs and materials like high strength steel into its designs, it’s up to ArtiFlex to keep pace and anticipate the needs of its consumers.

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According to Steve Delmoro, Director of Business Development at ArtiFlex, this evolution in auto design has led to significant capital investments over the past year.

“From the automotive stamping standpoint—which is our primary production business, in large automotive body panels like fenders, hoods, body sides—we’re seeing a strengthening of the automotive market from where we were five years ago until now, and additionally we’re also seeing a need for more updated equipment,” says Delmoro.

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ArtiFlex has satisfied this need for more updated equipment with a $10 million strategic capital investment… here to read the rest of this article on Business Review USA


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