May 19, 2020

Attributes Needed to Become a Canadian Next Generation Leader

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Attributes Needed to Become a Canadian Next Generation Leader


We need young Canadians who are innovative and flexible, who can adapt to change and collaborate,” says entrepreneur James Sun.

Sun, who has founded and built three businesses, has been recognized locally and nationally for his own leadership abilities. He is also an in-demand speaker, who has presented at conferences about the potential of youth. One organization, he says, has the key to unlock that potential: Junior Achievement.

“Junior Achievement teaches students of all ages that they have the power to achieve,” says Sun.

Is Sun involved with the organization as a corporate supporter? Not quite; after all, he's only in grade 12. He is aware, however, of the capacity to make an impact on Canada's youth and future prosperity.

“Simply put,” says Sun, “Junior Achievement is a platform that fosters successful minds that in turn create wealth and value.”

That's essential if Canada is to succeed in a global economy. We must become more innovative, productive and competitive, and we need to become a nation of achievers.



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There are programs about money management, the importance of business in shaping our lives, fundamental business concepts, building blocks for a successful career, the impact of technology and innovation, running a business, and more.

Last year, these programs reached over 226,000 students across 400-plus communities with 13,000 business mentors. They have formed a link between education and the business world, between students' dreams and the confidence and knowledge they need to pursue them.

What does it take to be a next generation leader? James Sun says it takes programs like Junior Achievement.

-- News Canada

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