May 19, 2020

Beer at Top of Market in Canada, Wine Closing in

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Alcohol sales in Canada
Canadian alcohol sales
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Beer at Top of Market in Canada, Wine Closing in


Statistics Canada reported today national alcohol sales in beer and liquor stores and agencies for 2012 reached a total of $20.9 billion, up three per cent from the year before. Beer is still leading the market for Canadian preferences, but statistics show that preferences across the nation are changing.

Growth in wine sales was up 5.9 per cent, seeing the most increase in the market, while beer was up 0.6 per cent and spirits saw a 3.9 per cent jump.

Statistics Canada reports that beer sales are on the decline, selling a total of $9.2 billion. Alberta saw the largest beer sales increase at 7.1 per cent while on the other hand Quebec leads the beer decline trend with -3.9 per cent decrease in sales.

Wine is becoming more popular in Canada, according to statistics. Wineries and liquor stores sold $6.5 billion of wine. Another interesting trend is the increase of red wine versus white. Red wine represents 57 per cent of wine sales, up 9 per cent from 2002.

Whiskey and liqueur sales are also on the rise, with liquor stores and agencies selling $5.3 billion of spirits. Whisky, scotch and bourbon accounted for 27 per cent of sales, while vodka came in at 24 per cent and rum at 17 per cent. 

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