May 19, 2020

Boeing set to offer platform to advertise Indian start-ups in aerospace

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Boeing set to offer platform to advertise Indian start-ups in aerospace

The Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, has announced it will provide a platform to advertise Indian start-ups in the aerospace industry, CNBC reports.

Boeing will assist six start-up companies to take their innovative and disruptive ideas to the aerospace market.

It was confirmed that three start-ups, Huviair, Merxius and ZestIoT will link up with three teams from Boeing Engineering & Technology Centre.

In order to encourage potential investors, customers and government stakeholders, the teams displayed their disruptive ideas at the Boeing Horizonx India Innovative Challenge.

Niti Aayog Chief Executive Amitabh Kant said: “Boeing is providing a platform to promote innovation in India.”

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“Such platforms accelerate Start-up India and give impetus to Make in India and Skill India.”

The start-ups are primarily focusing on emerging business models, unmanned aircraft technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Boeing Managing Director, Brian Schettler, said: “Innovation can happen anywhere and start-ups the world over have the potential to bring disruptive capabilities to aerospace markets and drive our industry forward.”

The aircraft firm will invest in the start-ups before allowing them time to hone its products and services in order to offer value to its customers.

Boeing plans to maintain an interest in disruptive start-ups in India for prospective investment opportunities in the future.

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