May 19, 2020

Bombardier reveals latest business jet Learjet 75 Liberty

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gor goz
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Bombardier reveals latest business jet Learjet 75 Liberty

Montreal based aerospace company Bombardier has unveiled its newest business jet.

The Learjet 75 Liberty is a six seater with what Bombardier describes as the longest cabin in the light jet category. Expected to enter service in 2020, the planes are listed for $9.9mn and are to be built in the company’s Wichita facility.

“The Learjet 75 Liberty represents a step up for customers in the light jet segment, with unprecedented spaciousness and Bombardier’s renowned smooth ride,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. “The newest member of the Learjet family delivers a flight experience that eclipses the competition.”


Detailing the aircraft’s performance, the company said in its July 2 press release that the Liberty can offer better performance at the same operating cost. Fastest in the light jet segment, the aircraft has a range of 2,080 nautical miles, meaning it can connect, nonstop, Las Vegas to New York, Seattle to Washington, DC and Mexico City to San Francisco.

“I’m extremely proud that the Learjet 75 Liberty will be built in Wichita, where the Learjet dream first took flight,” said Tonya Sudduth, Vice President of Operations and Wichita Site, Bombardier Aviation. “Our Wichita facility today has a diverse mandate supporting Bombardier’s extensive fleet of business aircraft, but to introduce the newest member of this iconic brand is of special significance to our team.”

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