Breaking into the workforce: tips for graduates to find employment

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Recent college graduates often have one thing in common: finding a job. This task can be very tedious and take a while. After all, the competition isn’t only thick, but you’ve also to decide what type of work you’re willing to jump into, as well as whether or not the money is going to be sufficient enough to pay bills and make a living. The economy can often be a tricky factor, too. However, these tips can help you get started. Take a look:

What’s Your Field?

It should come as no surprise that the field in which you graduate in will have a huge effect on how quickly you get employed, as well as the type of job you’ll be able to secure. Right now, employers are looking for those who graduate with a degree in engineering, science, math and health care. Specifically, statistics in Canada have recently shown that health care and social assistance have made the biggest employment gains.

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Perfect a Skill

Depending on your specific goals and talents, you may find skipping a post-secondary education in favor of learning a trade. For example, if your interests lie in a certain field that doesn’t necessarily require a degree, then you may be able to start work as soon as you graduate high school. In some cases, you may be able to even learn a trade while still enrolled in high school. There are different programs that may allow you to work towards an apprenticeship. There’s often a demand in carpentry, plumbing and mechanics.

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Location! Location! Location!

Where you choose to live could have a huge impact on what type of job you’ll be able to secure, as well as the type of salary you’ll be paid. Certain degrees will fare better in different cities. For example, Vancouver has been noted as being a great place for those who are involved in the technical side of business, as well as the biomedical research industry.

Dubbed Silicon Valley North, many tech companies can already be found in Vancouver, such as Hootsuite, Microsoft, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Amazon.

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