Business Challenges In The Great White North

By Bizclik Editor

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By: Tina Samuels

Canada has long been open to new small businesses.

It is one of the best places in the world to open a new business. Much of the country's GDP comes from small business, the bulk of exports also comes from small business.

So what type of challenges can a business owner expect to face in Canada?


Major strides have been made in the eco-conscious environment of the 21st Century. People care about where their products come from, how the products are made, and if the products can last for a long time.

Viability isn't the only concern for Canadian businesses – sustainability is the major concern for now and the future. If a company can't sustain business practice in a manner that helps preserve the environment, they most likely will not survive.

Current economic conditions are best for businesses that can do more with less.

Disposable items aren't nearly as popular these days, nor are chemical laden products. The less chemicals present in a product, the better reception is in the market. People want durable, simple goods created with fair trade practices. When a small business can meet these demands, they are overcoming a huge challenge in today's market.

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Border Sales

Another challenge to businesses in Canada is the cross border trade systems.

The complexity of associated paperwork and different requirements for such trade can cause some business owners to avoid cross-border trade. The Canadian government has a number of regulations concerning cross-border trade, as does the United States.

To help cut down on the amount of red tape you can make sure that all of the information for a product or service is stated clearly on all packaging or service manuals.

Have all information in a place where customers can find it (i.e.- website), have all of your company's contact information in an easy to find place, and even create a website where all cross-border trade is conducted.

Border Services

The Canada Border Service and U.S Customs and Border Protection has information that can help these border businesses work smoothly.

Due to a growing global trade, crossing the border to buy items shouldn't be out of the question. Moving forward into a global economy, working with governmental border agencies may become less stringent. There will always be regulations, as some countries or provinces will have items that cannot be legally imported or exported

For example - some states in the U.S. do not allow postal delivery of alcohol from other states or countries to individuals. Such regulations exist from state to state and can be found by checking regulations online or through border services.

Challenges faced by business in Canada are different from those in the US, but can be similar.

It is easier to start a small business in the Great White North, as people seem to embrace individuality. However, due to the different culture reaching across the border can be a challenge. Expectations of each country are different.

As small business evolves to comprise more of Canada's economy, it is likely that the challenges will evolve as well.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes news articles on the web about social media, small business, and marketing.


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