May 19, 2020

Business Chief USA - February issue is now live!

Brittany Hill
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Business Chief USA - February issue is now live!

Welcome to the February edition of Business Chief USA!

This month’s cover feature zones in on Tim Nall, SVP Chief Information Officer at Brown-Forman Corporation. Nall discusses how data is at the core of the company’s digital transformation strategy and how it navitages the road to success. 

Other leaders that feature in the magazine include Miguel Louzan, Chief Information Officer at LifeScan, discussing the company’s focus on internal changes by leveraging an opportunity provided via a carve-out and how it engages in gradual digital transformation. Elsewhere in the magazine, George Do, Chief Information Security at Gojek, discusses the methods, trends and technologies driving the cybersecurity agenda, and Mike Coleman, Global Head of Design & Delivery at Aligned Energy Company, talks about how the company is delivering large scale adaptive data centres at speed, while maintaining mission-critical stability for customers.

In our leadership feature we speak with Chetan Dube, CEO and Founder of IPsoft, and Eugenio Pace, CEO and Co-Founder of Auth0, to discuss the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur and the best strategies for establishing your own company. 

This month’s City Focus takes a look at Kansas City’s busy and rapidly growing hub for innovative technology, the automotive industry and the federal government. In addition, our Top 10 looks at the CEOs of the largest public companies in the US ranked by market value.

Do you have a story to share? Please do not hesitate to get in touch and you could be featured in our next issue.

Enjoy the read! 

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