May 19, 2020

Canada Post Operations to Resume

Canada Post
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Canada Post Operations to Resume


Canada Post operations started today following the passage of Bill C-6, An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services. Canadians should expect post offices to reopen starting Tuesday, June 28th as well as mail service to resume.

“Canada Post employees will return to work within the next 24-48 hours and will be contacted by their supervisors regarding their return to work schedule. Plant employees will return to work first to begin sorting the mail for delivery, with delivery employees to follow,” said an official statement from Canada Post.

But not everyone is happy at this resumption of service. The CUPW is disappointed in the passage of the return to work bill, saying that it penalizes postal workers and rewards Canada Post for its employee lockout that resulted in a mail delivery stoppage across Canada. The bill additionally legislated a wage increase that fell significantly below Canada Post’s last offer.



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“Imposing wage increases that are lower than Canada Post’s last offer punishes postal workers for a disruption that was caused by the corporation’s national lockout,” said CUPW National President Denis Lemelin. “The bill would take $875.50 out of the pockets of an average full-time postal worker during the four years of the agreement. All told, it represents a theft of $35 million from postal workers and their families.”

Either way, Canadians will start seeing their mail arriving in their mailboxes soon and hopefully Canada Post and the CUPW can continue to work together amicably. 

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