Canada’s top 10 fastest growing companies 2017

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CanadianBusiness has released the 29th edition of its Profit 500 2017 rankings, looking at the fastest growing companies across the country.

This year’s edition has seen firms from a multitude of industries and cities make the list, highlighting the benefits of Canada’s economy being both widespread and diverse.

Here are the top 10 fastest growing Canadian companies ranked by five year growth.

10) Bronte Construction

Five year growth: 5,752%
Location: Oakville, Ont.
Industry: Construction

Bronte Construction is an emerging leader amongst Ontario’s civil construction companies. It specialises in residential construction, municipal and public infrastructure and transportation infrastructure, amongst other projects.

9) FixMeStick

Five year growth: 6,471%
Location: Montreal, Que.
Industry: Manufacturing

Developed in 2011, FixMeStick is a startup that aims to solve the problems of removing computer viruses. The firm has simplified a recognised security solution, allowing it to become accessible to non-technical people.

The company has featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, gaining significant exposure, rising 24 spots on the Profit 500 list this year to ninth.

8) Canada Drives

Five year growth: 6,850%
Location: Vancouver, BC.
Industry: Financial services

Founded in 2010, Canada Drives offers an innovative way of providing customers with vehicle financing, regardless of their credit score and from the comfort of their own home in a quick and easy process.

The company connects consumers to dealerships through its database, enabling them to find their ideal car without the leg work of having to travel around looking for it.

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7) Eden Park

Five year growth: 6,982%
Location: Toronto, Ont.
Industry: Financial services

Founded in 2008, Eden park operates just outside Toronto.

The company provides a similar service to Canada Drives, differing through its specialisation in the high end vehicle market.

6) Milo Enterprises

Five year growth: 7,227%
Location: Vancouver, BC.
Industry: Manufacturing

Milo Enterprises started out as a small family business, now operating on a much larger scale, with a vision of becoming a global leader in consumer products.

The startup manufacturer is the parent company of multiple brands including Jolt Pests, Spade Kitchenware and Acel Products amongst others.

5) SendtoNews

Five year growth: 7,260%
Location: Victoria, BC.
Industry: Marketing and media

SendtoNews both distributes and monetises exclusive sports content across North America.

The firm has grown to a position where it hosts 100mn sports video clips each month on behalf of over 75 sports organisations on four continents. As a result, it is currently ranked as the number one provider of sports highlights in the Canada and number two in the US.

4) IOU Financial

Five year growth: 8,600%
Location: Montreal, Que.
Industry: Financial services

Acting as a proprietary platform, IOU Financial automatically processes hundreds of data points in a business in seconds, using dozens of sources.

The company is an innovative online lender, acting as an alternative to banks by providing working capital to small businesses looking to secure loans.

3) Maropost

Five year growth: 12,983%
Location: Toronto, Que.
Industry: Software

Marketing cloud company Maropost features third on the list, with its services used by big-name brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Success and News Corp.

The company aims to help modernise marketing and sales of businesses by scaling up their digital audience, engagement and revenue.

2) Buytatab Online

Five year growth: 18,662%
Location: Vancouver, BC.
Industry: Software

Innovative solutions firm Buyatab provides advanced online giftcard infrastructure, marketing and technology services to leading brands.

The company prides itself on its flexibility and individual focus on its client’s needs, providing high quality support and leveraging rapid growth.

1) Gillam Group

Five year growth: 29,256%
Location: Toronto, Ont.
Industry: Construction

Topping the list as Canada’s fastest growing company is Gillam Group.

The company operates as a progressive construction management company, aiming to make planning and delivery of operations a much smoother process.

The company particularly focuses on small to medium sized projects up to a value of £60mn.


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