May 19, 2020

Canadian Gas Association comments on new federal budget to grow the middle class

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Sudarshan Sitaula
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Canadian Gas Association comments on new federal budget to grow the middle class

On March 22, Canada’s federal government revealed its 2016 federal budget. Titled “Growing the Middle Class,” the budget introduces several measures including tax revisions and infrastructure investments designed to restore a strong middle class—with the ultimate goal of restoring Canada’s economy.

This week the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) spoke out to address the new federal budget. As the official trade association of Canada’s natural gas industry, the CGA responded positively toward many of the initiatives related to the government’s goal of investing $1 billion into clean energy research and infrastructure development. Some of the initiatives involved in that proposed investment include:

  •  $62.5 million over two years allotted toward building infrastructure to support more widespread use of alternative fuel vehicles, including natural gas refueling stations
  • $56.9 million to support clean energy and alternative fuels in the public transportation sector
  • $40 million in funding over the next five years to improve building codes for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Funding to support fuel and energy infrastructure projects in northern and Indigenous communities
  • Funding for research and development into clean energy innovations


“CGA suggested a number of these measures in our pre-budget submission as a way to deliver on the Federal Government's objectives to drive economic growth, grow the middle class, and achieve environmental objectives,” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association, in a press release issued by the association. “Natural gas utilities look forward to working with the Government of Canada on these important initiatives.” 

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