May 19, 2020

Canadian, Quebec governments to invest $36.7mn in Antoine-Labelle high speed internet infrastructure

François-Philippe Champagne
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Canadian, Quebec governments to invest $36.7mn in Antoine-Labelle high speed internet infrastructure

In a joint press release, representatives from the Canadian Government, the Government of Quebec, and the Regional County Municipality of Antoine-Labelle have announced their strategic investment in a series of infrastructure projects. The release asserted the necessity for strategic investments in infrastructure projects that meet the specific needs of rural and northern communities, as these investments are reportedly key to building stronger, more inclusive communities and promote universal success.

"In 2019, high-speed Internet is essential to the growth of a strong regional economy and the vitality of communities. Reliable and fast Internet service is necessary for businesses that want to further integrate digital technology into their business processes, have an online presence and engage in e-commerce. That is why the Government of Quebec is working to make high-speed Internet available in all regions. Our goal is simple: to empower Quebec and enable the economy to grow to the abilities and ambitions of its citizens and businesses,” said Gilles Bélanger, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economy and Innovation and Member of the National Assembly for Orford.

Almost 98% of households and businesses in the Antoine-Labelle area do not have access to internet at speeds of 5mbps. Through this project, high speed internet infrastructure will be installed, ensuring that residents of the area receive internet with download speeds of no less than 10mbps, and up to 150mbps.


The overall project will see the Canadian Government invest approximately US$9mn in the project, the Quebec Government invest approximately $10mn and the Regional County Municipality of Antoine-Labelle will contribute $17.8mn.

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities said: "Through this project, residents and businesses in Antoine-Labelle will have the tools they need to innovate, start a business or explore new markets, learn, have fun and stay in touch with their loved ones. We have big plans to develop our regions because they are the driving force behind our country's success. That is why we're committed to developing a rural development strategy to stimulate economic growth and create good middle-class jobs for Canadians in these areas."


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