Cargojet strives to mitigate coronavirus disruption

By Knackles

Air cargo service provider Cargojet has reportedly undertaken extreme measures to ensure supply chains are not adversely affected because of COVID-19.

Despite the virus overturning the norms for life and work for millions of people, the Mississuaga-based company is determined that stores aren’t overwhelmed by the sharp spike in demand seen from consumers globally. 

Transporting 8mn oz of cargo per week across the North American continent, Cargojet will be utilising its extensive fleet of 26 all-cargo craft to alleviate the shortages and hopefully prevent stores from needing to temporarily shut. 


Emergency measures

The company has indicated that it will be taking the following precautions and measures to cope with the situation:

  • Health and safety: Although Cargojet’s staff cannot self-isolate, owing to the nature of their job, the company is giving their welfare the highest priority. The support given will range from temporary per diems and help in supporting family situations.

  • Cargo integrity: Conscious that inanimate objects and surfaces can transmit the virus, Cargojet will properly clean and disinfect its cargo in order to mitigate the risk it poses to staff and recipients. 

  • Rescheduling: Airplans which previously served international routes will be redirected to domestic and US routes in order to shore up services and guarantee that additional cargo volumes can be accommodated.

  • Focus on northern communities: Hard-to-reach communities in Canada, particularly in the north, will receive a more intense focus, as some of them can only be reached via air services, whilst elsewhere can utilise road haulage with relative ease.

  • Communication: Strong communication links between Cargojet and its customers will be introduced so that the courier can monitor capacity, maintain schedules and meet demand as it changes.

“Cargojet is very well-prepared and is doing everything possible to keep the critical supply-chains moving within Canada and on our Transborder services,” said the company in a press release.

“Everyone on the Cargojet Team is fully committed and proud to be working diligently to provide these essential services to our customers and ultimately to those that need it most.”

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