Casual Looks for the Everyday Businessman

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Are you currently part of the business world? If so, then you may already be well aware of how important it is to be appropriately dressed for the office. Though times have changed and taking a casual approach is often more acceptable (depending on the specific environment, of course), it’s still necessary to consider what looks good, what looks bad and how to be stylish while still being professional.

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You don’t have to wear a suit everyday to look professional—unless your boss requires it. There are plenty of collared shirts available that will have you feeling comfortable, but also looking ready for business. Though bold and solid colors are easy to pair with slacks and shoes, don’t be afraid to sport something with a little color or that has a pattern. Whatever button down shirt you do choose to wear, make sure it’s neatly ironed and tucked into your pants.


You don’t have to wear boring, black dress pants to look business savvy. In fact, trousers and chinos are becoming more popular and acceptable at the office. Of course, you don’t want to wear bright colored pants to work, but don’t be afraid to veer away from black—consider wearing navy, camel or gray. Perhaps jeans are accepted at your office? If so, choose darker, more formal pieces of denim.

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Don’t forget the importance of what you put on your feet. Shoes are vital and can really help complete your entire outfit. Of course, steer clear of sandals and tennis shoes. Try different kinds of loafers and boots, but stick with neutral colors—black, brown and tan.


It’s perfectly acceptable and professional to accessorize with a nice belt, watch and blazer. Just remember to keep things simple and classy—don’t wear a large belt buckle or too many bracelets. Have fun with fashion and find something that simultaneously looks good in the office, but also shows off your personality.

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